COPA Flight 36 YLW – is essentially the local expression of the Canadian Owners & Pilots Association. COPA National – is an entity unto itself – being made up of over 22,000 individual members in some 200 “Flights” right across Canada – with its corporate headquarters and board of directors being found at 75 Albert Street, Suite 903, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5E7 Tel: 613-236-4901

  • As an organization, COPA represents a wide spectrum of needs and services unique to “pilots and owners” in every province and territory within the “General Aviation” umbrella – which covers all civil aviation except airline operations.
  • Kelowna Flying Club interacts with COPA in a unique “hand-in-glove” synergistic way – a compatible win-win relationship. This seamless, interactive “marriage” accomplishes much – all with mutual benefit flowing back and forth – in and out, in a spirit of collaboration which is quite unique between aviation organizations. If just two words could sum up this collaborative relationship they would be: Advocacy form COPA National – and Representation by Kelowna Flying Club.
  • The everyday operational difference between Kelowna Flying Club and COPA Flight 36 is therefore – academic. KFC rides shotgun for COPA in one instance and vise-versa in the next – an i partnership – the sum total of its unio, far exceeds the sum of their constituent parts.
  • COPA Flight 36 is found at the clubhouse (see link at bottom of page.)

COPA for Kids free flight Junior Aviator program is COPA Flight 36’s flagship event held at the beginning of June each year. See COPA for Kids window on our Home Page.

Why not become a COPA National Member?  Visit: COPA  and support your local flying friends as we all work together to share the wonders of flight with the next generation of pilots?

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